Winter is Coming and Stinkbugs are Hibernating in Northern Virginia Heating Systems

The dime-sized stink bugs have been infesting the homes of tens of thousands of residents in Northern Virginia for the last several years … causing damage worth millions of dollars.

More than $10 million has been spent by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to exterminate these stinky bugs but no positive results have been achieved so far. Damage to fruit and vegetable crops from stink bugs in Middle Atlantic States has reached critical levels, according to a government report. That is in addition to the headaches the bugs are giving homeowners who cannot keep them out of their living rooms, kitchens and YES….their heating units! Home owners can keep the ones they see in check with a vacuum cleaner (so far our best defense), but they can cause damage you can’t see.

Climatic Heating and Cooling Has Saved Many Northern Virginia Heating Systems from Complete Breakdown Due to Stinkbug Infestation

The insects are seeking refuge from the cooler weather this fall and many are coming into homes through the flue pipes of our gas appliances, i.e. water heaters, furnaces, etc. If your gas appliances start making noises and/or stop working call a technician to make the repair. Mention that you have had an infestation problem and ask the technician to make sure he checks for the bugs.

They can seek refuge deep inside where a typical homeowner cannot get to them in their HVAC units because they will be seeking heat and refuge from the colder temperatures until spring. Do not try and remove a large infestation from deep within your heating or cooling system, there may be delicate parts or gaskets that could be damaged in an attempt to eradicate the pests. Also, do not cover any flue in an attempt to keep the bugs out. This can cause a buildup of dangerous gases that will be worse than the bug infestation. Do be aware that it may be a problem and address it if you suspect any problems.

Climatic has already found large infestations in some units in more rural areas like Lovettsville, Purcellville and Western Loudoun neighborhoods. When the temperature starts to dip again (and it will) the stinkbugs will be on the hunt to come into our homes again. If you suspect you have Stinkbugs in your Northern Virginia heating systems call Climatic – we can help.

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