Which Heating System Are You Using?

After Hurricane Sandy struck the East Coast last week, we have been experiencing a cold front that had temperatures dipping into the 30s. In the upcoming week, I’m happy to say, temperatures will swing back up towards the 70s, then back down again.

It has been a difficult year thus far when it comes to managing your electric bill. I am constantly switching the thermostat in my own home to appease the masses, but the changing weather outside is the real boss.

What kind of heating system is installed in your home?

If you went with heat pump installation, chances are you have handled this weather quite well. Heat pump installation can heat and cool your home using the same system. It’s a great option for fare-weather climates and can really save you in the long run on your electric bill.

Since heat pumps use existing air to heat and cool your home, it does half the work that a normal furnace does as furnaces produce their own heated air.

A home furnace is a great option for areas that experience extreme winters. Northern Virginia is no stranger to blizzards and frigid temperatures. Areas out in Loudoun County may have harsher winters than most as winds whip through their open fields. Furnace installation is a great option because you are guaranteed to get the heat you want. Heat pumps don’t heat as well, but work great in moderate weather conditions.

Whatever heating system you choose, be sure to call Climatic Heating and Cooling in Northern Virginia!

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