What Type of Heating System Do You Have?

Northern Virginia is a peculiar location in regards to weather. Our summers can be mild or extreme and our winters the same. They are, for the most part, completely unpredictable. Who can forget that incredible blizzard that left residents of Northern Virginia stranded along major highways for hours? And the next winter, not one snow day to be found.

This can put Northern Virginia residents in a tough spot. What type of heating system should you choose to have installed?

Furnace Installation

First we have to eliminate the idea that Northern Virginia is one geographical area with consistent weather. The temperatures and weather in Loudoun Valley can greatly differ from Fairfax City. Your home’s location needs to be individually assessed. For homes that experience harsh winters in Northern Virginia, furnace installation may be the right choice for you. Furnaces produce heat, unlike heat pumps which move cold air out and keep the warm air in. This means that choosing furnace installation will allow you to set the temperatures as high as you’d like and will always produce enough heat to warm your home.

Heat Pump Installation

Heat pump installation is a great choice for homes that see less-severe temperatures. Since heat pumps don’t produce heat like a home furnace would, the temperatures they provide are limited. However, they eat up less of your energy bill and may be a great choice if you home is somewhat shielded from the brutal winters that Northern Virginia can often bring.

Knowing which heating system is right for your home is tough, but the certified technicians from Climatic Heating and Cooling are happy to help. Whether you need home furnace installation or heat pump installation, Climatic is here to serve you!

Call our office today so you can be prepared for the winter!

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