Virginia’s Weather Records

Weather affects everything in our lives: food in grocery stores are based on season, our morale can soar with warmer weather, and of course, our bills are affected by the way we use our heating and cooling systems.

Weathermen and women are responsible for relaying the weather’s current and future behavior to millions of Americans each day. Regardless of what the weather may be, our heating and cooling systems take a pounding each year and will ultimately require a little HVAC repair and maintenance.

I began to wonder about some of Northern Virginia and Washington, DC’s record setting years in regards to weather.

  • On March 6, 1962, Big Meadows, VA saw the greatest 24-hour snowfall in Virginia’s history with 33 inches.
  • The “high single storm snowfall” title also goes to Big Meadows, VA, in January of 1996 with 48 inches.
  • The greatest monthly snowfall was in February of 1899 in Warrenton, Virginia, at 54 inches.
  • The greatest seasonal snowfall was in Wise, VA, during the 1995-1996 season at 124.2 inches.

To put all those outrageously high numbers into perspective, at its deepest point, 2010’s “Snowmageddon” only brought in 38 inches. Although this has been an unseasonably warm winter, being stranded without having the proper heating and cooling installation can leave you in deep trouble. The same goes for HVAC repair and maintenance. Getting your system serviced will help prevent and outage at a critical moment during the winter months. HVAC repair and maintenance can truly be a lifesaver.

Call Climatic Heating and Cooling Systems for all of your heating and cooling installation needs as well as your HVAC repair and maintenance needs. With incredibly deep snowfalls happening spontaneously in Northern Virginia, you never know when you’re going to need a reliable heating system the most.


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