Upgrade Your South Riding Builder-Grade HVAC Unit

Regardless of what the thermostat and what the weather outside your window might say, Spring is indeed around the corner. If your South Riding Goodman HVAC unit has been in your home since it was built, and is between 10 – 15 years old, it might be time to consider a complete system replacement. ‘Builder-grade’ means that the unit was suited for your needs at the time your home was built, but over time, HVAC equipment loses capacity, which affects its performance and overall comfort. The time is now to evaluate the age and health of your unit before Spring gives way to Summer; and you experience system failure on what will feel like the hottest day of the year.

Though it seems like repairing your South Riding HVAC unit is the most cost-effective route, if the repairs are repeated, it will no longer be serving you and your family in its best capacity. A new Goodman unit can reduce cooling and heating costs up to 40 percent, depending on the efficiency ratings of the new equipment.

‘Builder-grade’ equipment is usually installed in new construction because at the time of the instal, it suits your needs and the needs of your family adequately. If the system is still operational after 10 years, the repairs you make periodically can eventually add up to a substantial amount and will no longer be a cost-effective solution to your problem. Builder grade systems designed for new construction often lack important features like multi-speed blowers and can be less efficient, and substantially nosier after 10 years of constant use. Also, the coils in your HVAC are the Achilles Heel of all units because the coils are under constant pressure from the refrigerant. We prefer to install Carrier HVAC units which offer all-aluminum coils that help eliminate the possibility of leaks that can occur when a coil has been under pressure for a considerable amount of time.

Our certified technicians can help you evaluate your needs, your South Riding HVAC unit is the investment of a lifetime, and our experts at Climatic can help you get the most value and longevity for your investment.

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