The Rising Cost of Freon

The past couple of posts have been written with the intention of saving our readers and customers a few extra bucks during the summer months. This is valuable information as temperatures recently spiked on the East Coast. Northern Virginia has experienced several heat waves this summer, one of which was the worst the area has ever seen, so finding ways to save money is paramount in a time when the air conditioner is constantly running.

Why is air conditioner refrigerant so expensive?


One of the reasons AC maintenance can be pricey is because of the air conditioner refrigerant (Freon). Air conditioner units that were installed 10 years ago use R-22 refrigerant, more commonly known as Freon. WTOP reports that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is in the process of phasing out Freon production in a larger plan to switch to more environmentally friendly coolants.

Many are blaming the EPA for phasing out Freon by increasing the cost up to 400%.

A Solution? AC Installation.


Homeowners with AC units 10 years old or older will see their Freon costs spike the most. A way to avoid the continual rise in cost is to upgrade your AC unit and pay for AC installation. Though the upfront cost might be more, it will save you in the long run as modern AC units are able to function off of the newer coolant. AC installation will allow you to cool your home more efficiently and effectively with better service.

If you feel that your AC unit isn’t performing as well as it should, it may just need a thorough cleaning and a little AC maintenance.

Whatever your home’s HVAC system needs, Climatic Heating and Cooling provides AC installation, AC maintenance, and can show you some great money saving tips in the process. Call Climatic today.


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