Summer Money Saving Tips

As summer presses on, I continue to find myself thankful for the wonder that is AC installation. There’s nothing quite like walking inside my home from a hot summer day and being hit with a blast of cold air as soon as I open the door. But you and I both know that air conditioning isn’t free, and it pays to know the best ways to save a few bucks throughout the summer when electric bills spike.

ABC News reported that air conditioners account for approximately 16 percent of a household’s energy bill. To trim your electric bill, they recommend setting your air conditioner to 78 degrees when you are home and an even higher temperature if you leave the house. Complying with these recommendations can put less stress on your cooling system which could ultimately minimize your need for serious AC maintenance or a completely new AC installation process.

ABC is also reporting every degree below 78 will add approximately 5 percent to your energy bill. 5 percent! By simply adjusting your temperature settings when you leave the house, you will be able to cut a significant amount of money out of your month electric bill.

For those who make a habit of leaving unused lights on around the home, this can also increase the overall temperature of your house, which in turn increases your electric bill – both by the AC unit being used more, and the electricity required to keep the unused lights lit. Using blinds on windows to block the sunlight can also decrease energy bills and keep the temperature of your home cool.

These are also great tips for small businesses and companies looking into AC installation or AC maintenance service agreements. Call Climatic Heating and Cooling for air conditioning needs.

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