No Air Conditioner in College? Been There…

It’s been quite some time since I was in college, but I remember scraping by on a few bucks just like every other student in America. I lived in a small house with a few other guys, and our house was heated with oil from a large tank in our backyard. Under the impression that the tank was full, we believed we had little need for HVAC repair and maintenance. But once winter rolled around, we found ourselves in a home so cold that you could see your own breath. It was unbelievably cold! Oil prices had skyrocketed beyond our means and my roommates and I were huddled under layers of clothes and stacks of blankets for the remainder of the winter. I felt like I was roughing it in an old western in a shack out on a prairie. Needless to say, HVAC repair and maintenance was never again overlooked in our home. Being that cold is miserable.

In a similar story, I moved home during college break and returned back to that same shanty I lived in during college just to check on it and move around some heavy items. My roommates had left and I was making room for the new ones. That meant I was disassembling and carrying a huge L-shaped desk upstairs. When I opened the door to the house, it was clear that the air conditioner had been turned off all summer. The humidity was unbelievable and eventually I had to leave the house. It felt like I was wearing a snowsuit and running the mile in July. I understand the importance of AC maintenance and wish that kind of heat and humidity on no one. If you need AC maintenance or installation, do yourself a favor and have it checked out before the temperature hits its peak this summer, and you’re without air conditioning. I can’t imagine reliving the horror again and hope you never have to!

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