Money Saving Tips for Autumn

It seems like almost out of nowhere fall weather has made its way to Northern Virginia. The nights are cool right now, sometimes even chilly. The days can still be a little warm, but they don’t come close to the scorching heat wave we had only a few weeks ago.

One of the greatest things about fall, from a frugal standpoint, is that you don’t need to have the heat or air conditioning running most of the time. If you like cooler weather when you sleep, simply open the windows. In the daytime, you may be able to keep the windows open but have the blinds drawn so it blocks the heat from the sunlight.

Ceiling fans are also a great way to circulate the cooler air and provide a constant breeze throughout your home.

Though these are great ways to save some money during the “off season”, there will come a time when your heat must be turned on. This winter is expected to be brutal according to several meteorologists. Apparently we are in for a winter full of snow storms and extremely low temperatures.

It’s time for furnace maintenance or furnace installation.

If you currently have one, furnace maintenance is performed, ideally, during the fall. This gives HVAC technicians adequate time to inspect, perform maintenance, and if there are any major issues with your home furnace, they will identify the problem and offer a solution before winter gets here.

By simply having furnace maintenance done in the fall, you will help prevent major issues with your system, save money, and ensure that you and your family stay warm during this brutal winter.

Furnace Installation in Northern Virginia

For those without a home furnace, furnace installation is highly recommended in Northern Virginia. Furnace installation provides homes with as much heat as they need and is guaranteed to provide comfort this winter.

For all of your furnace installation or furnace maintenance needs in Northern Virginia, contact Climatic Heating and Cooling today.


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