Is Heat Pump Installation Right For You?

Winter in the Northern Virginia area has been unseasonably warm this year – not to mention completely unpredictable. Along with seeing snow in October, 60 degree weather in January and every once in a while a flurry or two, people across the region have undoubtedly been busy adjusting their thermostats. The inconsistency in the weather also brings inconsistency in your heating and cooling bills. Depending on how your home is heated and cooled, you could also find yourself servicing and maintaining two separate systems in one season which could be costly.

Heat Pump Installation and MaintenanceOne solution is heat pump installation. Heat pumps are one of the most convenient solutions to heating and cooling your home because it operates as one system. Your heat pump operates in an extremely efficient manner because it doesn’t use fuel to heat your home. It simply transfers heat that it pulls from the air or ground. This is one of the main reasons that having a heat pump installed in your home can save you money on your monthly bill. It also means that you only have one system that requires maintenance and service instead of two separate heating and cooling solutions for your home. Heat pump installation is an ideal solution to your heating and cooling needs if you live in a moderate climate such as Northern Virginia.

Once the weather warms up, heat pumps can be reversed to cool your home. Maintaining one system can make adjusting your heating and cooling needs a simple process. Heat pump maintenance and installation can be done professionally by Climatic Heating and Cooling throughout the Northern Virginia area. We conduct a site visit to ensure that installing a heat pump is the proper solution for you. We guarantee that your home will be clean or clean than it was when we first arrived. Finally, to ensure that your installation was completed to our standards, we send a manager out to inspect the system once it has been installed.

We take every step to guarantee that you are left with a comfortable home and a heating and cooling system that will keep you and your family happy. Contact Climatic Heating and Cooling today!


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