HVAC Money Saving Tips for the Winter

Fall weather is here in Northern Virginia and winter is only a few months away. The mornings are filled with 50 degree weather, sometimes lower, and the afternoons are still hovering around 80 degrees. While many Northern Virginia families are receiving HVAC maintenance to prepare for the winter months, there are also a few money saving tips to cut your bill down this winter.

HVAC Maintenance

I can’t stress enough how much HVAC maintenance can save you. It helps prevent major damage to your system and helps it to run more efficiently which allows your home to stay heated without your HVAC system working overtime.

Lower the Thermostat

While you’re gone during the day, lower the thermostat a few degrees. For every degree you lower it, you are saving 3-5% on your energy bill.

Turn the Fan On

On your thermostat, flip the switch to turn the fan on. This keeps the warm air circulating evenly throughout the house and eliminates cold pockets of air. Since heat rises, this is a great way to ensure warm air is constantly moving.

Open the Shades

Letting the heat from the sun naturally warm your home will save you money and require your HVAC system to run a little bit less during the cooler months of the year.

Heat Pump Maintenance

Trimming back shrubs and bushes from your heat pump will allow it to function properly. It needs up to 18 inches to function at its peak and bring warm air into the house efficiently.

Caulk and Install Weather Stripping

Your HVAC system will be working overtime if air is constantly escaping through cracks around your doors or windows. Investing in a new HVAC system will heat your home, but you will be paying for twice the heat if half of it is escaping!

These are just a few money saving tips for the winter. Keep in mind that your HVAC system absolutely needs to have maintenance performed with the changing of the seasons. For more information on HVAC maintenance and installation, contact Climatic Heating and Cooling in Northern Virginia.



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