HVAC Money-Saving Tips for Small Businesses

Coming straight from the Small Business Administration’s website are a few tips that small businesses can use to save money and stay cool this summer. Not surprisingly, most of the suggestions revolve around regular HVAC repair and maintenance.

  • Take advantage of an annual HVAC maintenance contract. Over time your HVAC system will decline in performance without regular maintenance. These contacts typically provide businesses with two pre-season tune-ups before the warmest and coldest months of the year.
  • Regularly change (or clean) HVAC filters every month during summer and winter. Dirty filters overwork your HVAC system and result in lower indoor air quality. Maintenance contracts usually cover air filter inspections and changes twice a year, but your HVAC system may require more filter changes during “peak” seasons.
  • The SBA also recommends an ENERGY STAR qualified programmable thermostat to automate your HVAC system. This system can be used to turn on your air conditioner or heat an hour before your staff arrives to the office instead of leaving your HVAC system running while no one is there.
  • Control direct sunlight through windows. By blocking as much sunlight as possible during summer months, you will be able to keep the interior of your office a few degrees cooler. In some cases you may find that solar films or solar screens for your windows, and even vegetation around the office, can also lower temperatures.
  • Use fans. Moving air with fans can make a room with higher temperatures feel more comfortable. Even when the temperature is set a few degrees higher on your thermostat, the moving air will make the change virtually unnoticeable.

Having regularly scheduled HVAC maintenance can ensure that your system is working properly and can help you avoid paying for major repairs in the future. Call Climatic Heating and Cooling Systems today so your company can save money in an economy where every dollar counts.



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