How Long Should My HVAC System Last?

As we gear up toward another cold winter, at Climatic we are fielding many questions about HVAC systems. One of the most common is about the length of time their system will last.

It’s wise to consider the longevity of your system during the winter, as the last thing you want to have happen is endure a few cold days while you wait to get heat pumping. That might mean extra blankets and layers of clothing or, even worse, displacement. Staying in front of potential problems with your system by performing routine checkups and knowing a few basic tips can prevent a catastrophic event from occurring.

Here are a few things to consider about your HVAC system:

HVACCheck Your Thermostat
Sometimes that cold air in your house can simply be the result of your thermostat not working properly. Usually a thermostat should last over 35 years, but there’s a strong likelihood yours is outdated. Testing your thermostat is the first step in seeing if something more sinister is behind your malfunctioning HVAC system. To test, set your thermostat to 5 degrees warmer than the normal room temperature. If it doesn’t respond, it could be time for a change. This month, we’re offering a Honeywell Internet Connected Programmable Thermostat for $197. So if yours appears faulty, upgrade to this modern model that allows you to control your climate from your smartphone.

Different Components Mean Different Lifetimes
All the moving parts that go into an HVAC system means each component might breakdown at different times. A rough estimate is that your system should last anywhere from 10-25 years. The best-case scenario doesn’t happen by accident, either. It means getting regular tune-ups from HVAC professionals; constantly changing out air filters and not letting problems linger for too long, as they tend to compound themselves.

The Big Picture
As your machine continues to breakdown, adding up repair costs and projecting future payments can be overwhelming to your bank account. Often times, the best solution is to completely replace your system to a newer, high efficiency model. Getting the most out of your money should be of the utmost importance, and the initial costs of purchasing a new system is offset by lower monthly bills in the long run.

If you have any questions about your HVAC system or are ready to schedule winter maintenance, contact us today.

Thanks for reading and have a happy holiday!

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