How do You Know if Your Technician is Qualified?

Anytime you let a service provider into your home to fix your HVAC system, you’re taking a leap of faith that the technician assigned to the repairs has the skills necessary to get the job done.

At Climatic, we’ve been providing northern Virginia with top-notch service by keeping our customer’s houses warm for over twenty years. We know a thing or two about what qualifies a person to effectively correct a problem or install a new system: it takes a delicate balance of industry knowledge and customer service, as well as the professionalism to do the job in a timely manner without having to come back and make corrections.

Our reputable technicians have these skills down pat:

technicianMechanically-Inclined — It takes a good deal of technical training to master the art of working with your hands. HVAC systems can be tricky, and require a good amount of attention to detail to assemble, program and fix. Climatic’s technicians are very skilled at getting your systems correct.

Excellent bedside manner — When we walk into your house, you can rest assure that our technicians will be polite, timely and treat the place like it’s their own. We will work directly with you to educate you on the problem, and we’ll get in and out as fast as possible. Nobody likes a home project that lingers, so we’ll work diligently while making you our priority.

Accredited and Licensed — Besides working with our hands, fixing machines as sophisticated as HVAC units means having an education. Our team has the necessary training and credits for the manufacturers we support, as well as proper state licensing and EPA certifications required by law.

Reading and Reacting — Part of the nature of servicing machines means dealing with unexpected problems. Being able to properly assess an issue with an HVAC system requires a good deal of comprehensive diagnostic skills, not just assuming one thing based on past experiences.

We hold ourselves to very high standards, and we abide by these principles above. So when you’re in need of routine services or a complete system overhaul, please be sure to give us a call. Our team is ready to answer your call, including on nights and weekends.

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