Home Furnace Installation VS. Heat Pump Installation

Last week I wrote about heat pump installation and maintenance and how it can be a convenient heating and cooling system for your home. Heat pumps can be used to both heat your home during the cold winter months, but can also be reversed to cool your home during summer. The air that heat pumps use is pulled mostly from outdoors and circulates through the heat pump and its temperature is heated or cooled based on your personal preferences.

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Since the air in a heating pump is passed through a heating and cooling system that lacks natural gasses, heat pumps can, at times, reduce your heating and cooling bills. Some would argue, however, that heat pumps don’t always put out the same amount of heat that a furnace can.Home Gas Furnace Installation & Maintenance

Furnace installation in Sterling VA is much different than heat pump installation. A home furnace operates independently as a heating system, while the heat pump is both a heating and a cooling system. Furnaces use natural gas such as propane to generate heat. Through your home’s air duct system, cold air moves through the furnace and circulates until it reaches the desired temperature. Once the air reaches that temperature, it is pushed back through your homes heating system and proceeds to warm your house.

Furnaces can be a wonderful solution to your heating needs. When dealing with natural gasses to heat your home, it is absolutely necessary to have a professional perform scheduled furnace maintenance during the year. Climatic is able to check for leaks, check the electrical connections and ensure the overall safety of your heating and cooling system as well as your home.

If you believe that home furnace installation is the right fit for your home, we have many systems to choose from. Whether you choose heat pump installation or home furnace installation, call Climatic today to consult with us and we can help you figure out the most reasonable solution to all of your heating and cooling system needs.

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