Heat Pump vs. Gas Furnace

Finding the most effective way to heat your home is crucial. With a cold winter approaching, it’s important that your house stay warm but without breaking the bank. So which heating system is right for your home?

Heat Pump Installation

While a home furnace produces heat through a pilot light and gas, a heat pump takes existing heat and moves it around the home. This can be done by taking heat from outside and using it to heat the indoors, but it can also take the heat from inside and move it outdoors during the summer. Since heat pumps don’t actually produce heat, it doesn’t put out the same warmth that a home furnace can. However, for smaller homes in locations with moderate temperatures, such as Northern Virginia, a heat pump may be a perfect choice for your home. It can also replace the need for an AC unit during summer months.

How Efficient is a Heat Pump?

As I said earlier, since heat pumps move heat rather than produce it, they can provide up to 4 times more energy than they consume. This allows heat pumps to be 30-40 percent more efficient than gas furnaces.

Don’t let that number be the entire factor in your decision between a heat pump and gas furnace, though. Remember that because they do not produce heat, heat pumps can only warm your home so much. If your home’s location experiences harsh winters, a home furnace might be exactly what you need.

To find out which heating system is better for your home, contact Climatic Heating and Cooling, and experienced technicians will help you make the best decision for your home.



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