Furnace Installation: In June?

With 100 degree weather pouring onto the Northern Virginia area, the last thing you would expect to read about is home furnace installation. I can imagine the sun baking the open fields of Loudoun County as we speak, and with the AC blasting in my house, turning my home’s furnace on is a distant thought – but should it be?

It’s no mystery that we had a mild winter this year. You may have only turned on your heating system a few times during the coldest nights. But with no snowfall and warm temperatures, it would have been an easy winter to stay relatively warm.

Furnace Installation Before Next Winter!


I wouldn’t expect next winter to be as friendly. If history is any indicator, the next winter could be a drastic change from 2011-2012. If you were able to put off furnace installation last winter, you may want to consider having it done before the winter of 2013. Waiting until the last minute to move forward with furnace installation can be an expensive mistake, and can leave you out in the cold – literally.

As you may have learned the hard way, waiting until the last minute for furnace installation and maintenance, or even AC installation and maintenance, can leave you and your family in an extremely uncomfortable situation during the hottest and coldest parts of the year.

Call Climatic Heating and Cooling now to be prepared for this winter and to get a head start on the rest of Northern Virginia.

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