Free Furnace Maintenance Tips

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about a few things to consider before you called your HVACGas Furnace Maintenance repair service about your air conditioning needs. If the problem is a simple fix, or just something that was overlooked, there is no need to pay for a repair man come out to your home and service your HVAC equipment. We want to help you save money! How many HVAC services can say that?

This week, I’ll give you the same advice for your Gas Furnace Equipment.

Furnace Installation and Furnace Maintenance Tips


  1. Check to make sure your thermostat is set in the “heat” position
  2. Make sure the temperature setting on the thermostat is set higher than the indoor temperature on the thermostat
  3. Ensure there is power to the furnace
    a. Try turning the fan “ON” using the fan switch on the thermostat to test for power to the furnace
  4. Check the circuit breaker at the electrical panel to verify its “On” position
  5. Check the SSU switch (it looks like a light switch on a gray box located at the furnace) to ensure its “On” position
  6. Furnace maintenance: replace the furnace filter if needed
  7. If the system is running but you have not changed your filter, the filter may need to be replaced
  8. Check all return air grilles to make sure they are not blocked by furniture

If these simple furnace maintenance solutions don’t solve your problems, be sure to contact Climatic Heating and Cooling. We serve Loudoun County, Prince William County and beyond.

Furnace Installation

If your home’s furnace is beyond repair, Climatic also offers Furnace Installation, which I will cover next week. Thanks for reading!

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