Don’t Pay for Air You Aren’t Getting!

There has been a little bit of a dip in temperature the past couple weeks. Surely a treat to those who feel like they were duped out of a winter season and a let-down for those who loved the 80 degree temperatures we had a few weeks ago. Whatever the season, some people simply prefer the temperature to be warmer or colder than what it is outside. Everyone is different and those with roommates know that there is an unspoken war-of-the-thermostat-setting going on around America.

AC installation or heat pump installation is sure to fix your problems, but often times it can feel as if the air projected from your HVAC system might not be staying in your home. There are several possibilities why you may not be getting the exact temperature you desire for your home on a regular basis.

Heat pump installation produces warm air to heat your home. The air travels through a duct work system that carries the air from one place to another. If that duct system wasn’t installed properly by home builders and contractors, then the air could be leaking out of the cracks and loose joints. That means only a fraction of the air you are paying for actually makes it to your home.

The same is true about AC installation. Climatic’s professionally trained staff will inspect the duct system of your home to ensure your home is receiving the maximum amount of air you are paying for. This will ultimately reduce your electric bills as your system won’t have to work twice as hard to produce the same amount of air for your home.

Another reason for the change in your home’s temperature may be your windows. If you have ever had a window salesperson come to your door and perform a demonstration, then you know this to be true. Windows can be guaranteed to reduce energy bills and installing shutters can even reduce 50% of your heat energy bill.

Call Climatic today and we can come inspect your HVAC system. There’s no sense in paying for the AC and heat that you aren’t getting!



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