Are Ceiling Fans Good Substitutes for Running Your HVAC Unit?

One component of a home with a properly controlled climate is having a functional, powerful ceiling fan. Many people understand the reason behind this. But fundamentally if it’s not creating cold air, what good does a ceiling fan do other than just spin around?

ceiling_fanHere are a few benefits:

Wind Cools your Skin. When the air temperature exceeds your body temperature, fans can actually heat you up. When the air is lower than 98.6°, your body temperature will naturally decrease. Ceiling fans can speed up this process. As air moves, the rate at which sweat evaporates from your skin accelerates. And because that process requires heat, heat also leaves your body.
So what does this mean? Even when it’s stifling hot inside, the addition of a ceiling fan can reduce your body temperature by 6° or 7°.

Saves You Big On Air Conditioning Costs. In instances where circulation can keep you cool without using your air conditioner, the ceiling fan is a perfect substitute for running your unit.
But make sure to turn your fans off when you leave a room. According to Green Building Advisor, high-speed fans can use up to 100 watts compared to low-speed fans that can use as few as 15 watts.

On top of costing you a fortune, the heat generated by ceiling fan motors can actually warm up your room. So running your fan for too long is counter-intuitive to its purpose of keeping your area cool.

Reduce Wear & Tear. By way of circulating more air to generate comfort, you’re lessening the use of your HVAC system. That means your machine will last longer and will require less maintenance over time.

If your home still isn’t as cool as you’d expect, it’s likely time to call a professional. Climatic Heating & Cooling is standing by for your call and ready to dispatch one of our experienced technicians to your home with a smile.

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