Ashburn Furnace Maintenance Prevents CO Leaks

The summer of 2013 is now officially over. It’s time to set our sights to autumn. Football, the changing of the leaves, and preparation for the heating season. There’s plenty to do before the first snowfall, and Climatic is here to guide you through your preparation. To start, we’re going to discuss fall furnace maintenance and the importance of carbon monoxide detectors.

Every home should be equipped with Carbon Monoxide Detectors on every floor. This could effectively save thousands of lives a year, and prevent CO poisoning symptoms in even more cases. However, these devices are not set it and forget it machines. They require a moderate amount of regular maintenance in order to remain functional.

Carbon Monoxide Detector Maintenance

Installation Location: A CO detector should be installed within 10 feet of every sleeping area in your home, one on every floor, and one near an attached garage. This will ensure that you have a detector ready to protect you no matter where you may be in your home. Avoid putting the detector too close to furnaces, boilers, or similar combustion appliances, because it may result in false readings.

Batteries: The batteries in the detectors must be changed at least once a year. These devices have a built in alert should their batteries begin the fail. They will “chirp.” If you hear this chirping, acquire new batteries and replace them. Do not leave a detector without batteries.

Dust: Overtime, dust will find its way into the detector clogging the sensor. Vacuum this dust out twice a year to ensure accurate readings.

CO Detector Lifespans: These detectors do not last forever. Even with the recommended maintenance, fresh batteries, and a clean sensor, the device still has an expiration date. Check your packaging as these lifespans vary. On average a CO detector will last five to seven years. Some, however, last even shorter.

Ashburn Furnace Maintenance to Prevent CO Leaks

So where does this Carbon Monoxide come from? One of the common places for a CO leaks is in an aging furnace. Ashburn furnaces that are more than 10 years old may need to be replaced or repaired. The heat exchanger in a furnace could crack as it grows older. This crack then releases CO into your home. But, with a Climatic preferred service agreement, we’ll inspects and corrects every aspect of your furnace. From top to bottom, heat exchanger to combustion chamber, our technicians will make sure your heating system is safe, effective, and ready for the winter ahead.

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