Air Conditioner Installation and Maintenance

It looks like Northern Virginia is about to hit another warm stretch in the weather this week. It’s still morning time here and already the temperature is hovering around 52 with a high of 59 today. Did I mention a high of 69 tomorrow? I woke up this morning to find that the temperature in my house had been shifted down to 68 degrees. As the temperature continues to climb, it is a great reminder to prepare for the warmer weather with proper air conditioner installation and maintenance.

Air Conditioner Installation

Every summer I am reminded why air conditioner installation is so crucial. All it takes is one hot summer day spent outside and that moment when I open the door to my house. The cold air hits me like a ton of bricks and I love every minute of it. Of course, I, like most of you, have experienced walking into a house when the air conditioner was either broken or turned off. The heat from outside traps itself in the house and creates what feels like an oven. The humidity alone makes the house feel like it’s even hotter inside than it is outside. And that is why AC maintenance is so important.

AC Maintenance

Having regularly scheduled AC maintenance is absolutely necessary. Maintaining a comfortable environment for you and your family requires upkeep of all of your home’s appliances, systems, exterior, etc. Your air conditioning unit is no different. In order to function properly, your AC unit needs maintenance throughout the year. Without the proper AC maintenance, you run the risk of having your unit break during the hottest summer months. And living in Northern Virginia, it seems like the hottest summer months can come at any time – even if it’s not summer at all.

Call Climatic Heating and Cooling for air conditioner installation and AC maintenance. We’re happy to help you prepare your home for the weather ahead!

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