Summertime Money Saving Tips

This time of the year leaves many homeowners at a dilemma when it comes to managing their heating and cooling bill. At this point, it is definitely more convenient to crank up that AC during the day when the weather is a bit warmer, but obviously that leads to higher electric bills.

So what could you do to keep your home cooler? Some of these suggestions may seem obvious and some may be things you’ve never heard of.

1. Open the windows: At times when you’re able, open up those windows. Right now it tends to be cooler at night so fill your home with that free, cool air as often as you can.

2. Open up your cabinets: oddly enough, your cabinets and drawers store warm air. Though this method is a little unconventional, if you are really looking to save some cash and keep your home warm, opening your cabinets will provide a little extra cool air.

3. Keep your blinds closed: during the day when the sun is beating down on your home, keep your blinds closed and keep the heat out.

4. Turn off the lights: light bulbs do emit heat and running them constantly can, in fact, warm your home.

Leesburg AC Installation & Leesburg AC Maintenance

When these methods finally run their course and it’s time to turn on the AC, make sure your call Climatic for your AC installation. Leesburg residents often call our Loudoun-based company to support local business, though we proudly serve all of Loudoun County and beyond.

If AC installation isn’t absolutely necessary for you, we will gladly perform AC maintenance and do whatever we can to keep your old system working. Leesburg AC maintenance is what we do and we want to keep our neighbors cool at an affordable price. We are here to support each other!

For all of your AC installation and AC maintenance needs in Leesburg, call Climatic!

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