AC Installation and AC Maintenance

If the past two days have taught me anything, it’s that the weather is the complete opposite of what I plan for. During the winter I plan for winter weather – and that means low temperatures, snow and cranking up the heat in my car and house. But this winter, and the near 70 degree weather VA and the DC metro area have seen so far, reminds me of summer.

Air conditioning (AC) is usually the last thing on my mind this time of year. I love the warmth of a home during winter, but everything is a little out of whack around Northern Virginia in 2012. Cherry trees in Washington, DC are already blooming.

However, it is already February and consistent warm weather is just around the corner. This is the perfect time for AC installation and AC maintenance. Preparing a month or two early for summer heat by having a new AC unit installed or having AC maintenance done on an existing unit can be an incredibly wise investment.

Servicing or installing an AC unit can benefit you for several reasons:

  • Being Prepared: By having your AC unit installed or performing AC maintenance, you will always be prepared for when the heat of summer strikes. And since the weather has been so inconsistent this year, warm weather could hit at any time.
  • Beat the Rush: Once the temperatures starts rising, everyone will be calling in for AC installation or AC maintenance. Stay at the head of the pack by scheduling your AC installation or maintenance today.
  • Preventative Repair or Replacement: Thinking that your AC unit doesn’t need maintenance is common. But when something malfunctions on the first hot day of the year, you could be left in a home that may feel hotter than it is outside.

Prepare your home now for the summer heat and beat the rush. Climatic Heating and Cooling has all of your AC installation and AC maintenance needs covered.



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